Delivery Questions

    Can you deliver the products to me?

    Yes I deliver dangerous goods, however deliveries can take up to a month to arrive as we need to allow orders to build up so we can spend a full day delivering and organising a route. Please call to organise your delivery.

    Standard items such as machines or wads can be delivered through carriers just call or email for a quote. Postage options will be added to the site shortly.

    Can I collect my items from the shop?

    Of course, all you have to do is bring your in shotgun certificate, and pay for your items in full before you take them away.


    What’s your customer support like?

    If you are having any problems with your machines or just have a general question about what you’re doing with loads, don’t guess, you’re welcome to call me any time on my mobile number, I’m more then happy to problem solve, and troubleshoot problems over the phone.

    Call Tom; 0781 659 6564

    How much money can I save reloading cartridges? Is there really a saving?


    Yes! You can Save some serious amounts of money while reloading cartridges. Here are some of the basic savings listed below;

    410ga cartridges (14-19grams) = £130+ per 1000 saving
    28ga (24 grams) £120 per 1000 saving
    20ga (30-32 grams) £120 per 1000 saving
    12ga (32 grams) £90 per 1000 saving
    12ga (28 grams FAST) £40 per 1000 saving
    10ga (42gram steel) £1 per cartridge saving

    Savings are not exact.

    All the load savings above are pretty standard loads. The biggest savings are in the BIG loads. Like a 12 gauge lead 36 gram size 5. You would expect to pay around £15/25 in the shops for manufactured cartridges like this, whereas here you would pay about £9/25. So thats a saving of £6 per 25 cartridges!

    We do save people money but you have to be prepared to do this hobby for the long haul. People expect to see savings after their first box of cartridges, but you cannot calculate it that way. People try to include their own time into the reloading. Which is impossible to add in because; if you are an engineer for example, being paid I don’t know say; £50/hour by a company called “Armourer Engineering” that does not mean it is costing you £50 per hour to make your own cartridges on a Sunday afternoon, in your spare time at your home, in your flip flops. If you did it during working hours then that is a different story!
    How do you even charge yourself for your own time anyway? Here’s a bill to me from me for cartridge making services totals £50. Payment Bank transfer from my bank to my bank? It’s madness to think this way. It is your hobby, your obsession, your get away from work, that is the main point to it all.

    You have to recognise that it is a hobby, and that you learn a value which is; taking the time to create perfect quality ammunition, and giving all your pride into making cartridges that are all similar to each other, so that you can consistently shoot well, and save money. The best part is that the cartridge you build will always be available in stock. But our main selling point isn’t the saving, it’s the fact that you get to make something that you want, that you need and see in your own mind. If you want a 40 gram 7 for shooting jackdaws on roost you can make it!

    We sell you guys top of the range components for a lower cost, that’s the real deal here. We sell you a quality cartridge kit worth £300/1000 in the shops, for  around£200. We claim that we are selling quality cartridge components for less money. Not poor quality cartridge components for more money.
    People ask us to supply them with cheap cartridge components worth say £160/1000.
    We just cannot do that I’m afraid. We refuse to buy cheap and poor quality wads that don’t handle the high pressures or reclaimed lead that doesn’t shoot straight. We can’t hide our products in black cartridge cases.
    We give you the components in bulk, and in clear bags so you see what you are getting. If they were poor quality components, you would know! We have to look you in the eye when we hand over our products. That is why we only focus on selling the quality stuff.



    What do I need to do to get started?

    If you have little or no Knowledge of reloading, the best thing to do is call Tom to arrange a meeting to try out all the different types of reloading machines, you’ll see what machine suits you and we can go from there. Through using the machines, you gain an understanding of reloading far quicker than reading or watching videos.

    Do I need a licence?

    The only thing you need is a shotgun certificate to buy gun powders and primers. You must be 18 years or older. You can purchase everything but gun powders and primers without a shotgun certificate. You don’t need an kind of special licence to make your own cartridges at home.
    Manufactures are the only people who need licences and insurances to build and sell cartridges to the public. Making a cartridge for yourself is completely within the law.

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