About Us

We teach you how to create your own cartridges what ever the caliber, using the reloading press of your choice. We welcome people to call in and try out our products with no obligation to buy. All the loading data we use comes from the most reputable source clay and game. Who are the leading suppliers of home loading equipment.

Where We Are

We are located on the Newcastle Simulated Game shooting ground. This is Ideal for our customers, they get make their cartridges and fire them within minutes!

about Armourer Reloading

Need An Upgrade?

Need a faster machine? Bigger cartridges? No worries, we will take back your old machine to part-ex towards a new machine. We often see this, people start out with a small machine to find their way, and within weeks they are ready to go to the next level!

Could You Be The Next Big Cartridge Manufacturer?

All the big companies you see today started by loading cartridges in their garages. They all started with a home loading press like what we stock. If you come up with a load which you think is new and good enough to go to market, you could make it happen! Of course these things take time to develop, but it all starts at home first, learning how to make fast and powerful cartridges that are harding, but pattern well, isn’t achieved in one night. It’s done by trying different powders, trying new wads, sourcing the best lead, primers and cases.


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07816 596564 info@armourerreloading.co.uk
Belsay Barns, Capheaton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE19 2DW